Moist Heat Therapy – Buckwheat or Therabeads

Moist heat therapy like Buckwheat or TheraBeads is great for soothing and loosening up muscles. Anyone who has had sore muscles can attest to how wonderful a hot shower feels.

The warm moisture penetrates deep into the muscles and increases blood flow to affected areas, helping healing while relaxing muscles. One great way to take that moist heat out of the bath and with you is to use heating pillows or pads filled with materials that retain heat and conform to your body. Buckwheat hulls have been used for hundreds of years, especially in the orient.

When used in everyday pillows they conform to the shape of your head or body. They are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than regular pillows because air circulates more easily around the hulls. They can also be used as a heating pad if put in the microwave.

However, the hulls tend to dry out over time when used that way and need to be replaced with some regularity. They also can become infested with dust mites and need to be put in a plastic bag and into the freezer overnight once a month or so. While they can be moistened, since they are natural materials, water will eventually degrade the hulls.

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Therabeads - Moist Heat TherapyA better alternative to buckwheat is TheraBeads®. TheraBeads are microwavable beads that transmit moist heat therapy. They are found in several sized pads for different parts of the body.

Heat therapy is used for pain relief by helping to increase blood flow to the muscles. TheraBead packs are easy to use, convenient and safely provide effective moist heat pain relief. As with buckwheat hulls, TheraBeads also conform to your body. Unlike buckwheat, TheraBeads provide moist heat therapy at the correct temperature levels needed for effective therapy by capturing moisture from the air. The pad covers are easily removed and washable.

For more information about TheraBeads, visit our TheraBeads, Moist Heat Therapy page!

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